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Hometown: San Francisco (formative years)/Toronto (rest of the years)/NYC (made me an adult). But for reals? Toronto.

Star Sign: Taurus

Can often be found: On the phone.

Favourite song of the moment: Stro Elliot-Soul II Strol

Teaching Style: I teach to the room I walk into. I look at what needs I may have in front of me and teach accordingly. Unless specified I prefer wholistic sequencing. I focus on strength, proprioception, and stability, of course in varying degrees. Meeting each student with where they hopefully need to be. Approachable, real deal, nothing superfluous, straight talk, straight forward. I want you to feel better leaving class then when you came in. That’s my MO.

Favourite Pose: Plank.

Addicted to: Earl grey tea/Red wine

Social media: athena.lamarre