For the love of all Reiki

My first experience with Reiki was when I was 8. It was summer in Saskatchewan & I was eating lunch on a patio with my parents when I was stung by a bee. Our waitress saw & came over asking if she could gently place her hands over where I had been stung to give me Reiki. Within seconds I calmed down.

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A Brief Orientation To The Chakras

We experience subtle energies in a whole host of different ways - as thoughts, as feelings, as palpable tension in the room, as physical tension in our bodies. What if there were tools we could use to navigate these subtle experiences in our practice? What if there was a place we could start from that could help us connect the dots between physical tension in our bodies and emotional experience?

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Intelliware Development
Meet Yin Yoga

If you search on social media for #yoga you’ll feast your eyes on complex arm balancing postures, gymnastic style handstands, twisting poses that almost appear to be optical illusions all set within the most aesthetically pleasing sceneries possible. 

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Erica Connolly