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Much of our physical pain and external challenges are rooted in the energy body and our external world is a manifestation of all the seeds planted and nurtured deep within. The energy body is the soil in which habit patterns are nurtured with conscious and many times unconscious attention to our intention.

To shift solely with the physical body in mind, is to remain fixated on the surface, the external world.

As a massage is for the physical body, Reiki is a massage for the energetic body, getting to the root and unlocking the emotional and mental discomforts and blocks that have manifested into our physical world. With meditation and Reiki we begin connecting with the energetic, emotional and mental states of our being, moving and exploring deeper within so that we may with time experience and express our more authentic Self without.

Reiki sessions leave you feeling more grounded, peaceful and connected to Self.


Session Breakdown

10min - Guided Meditation
50min - Reiki
10min - Grounding and Reflection

Availability Tuesdays 1-5pm

$125+hst | 10% discount for members


If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the full cost of your appointment. 

*Booking length will show 100 minutes; session is 70 minutes in length; when setting an appointment time, set the appointment length for 100 minutes*