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Lynne Newman
Reiki Master
As a sensitive child I always knew we were more than our bodies. As a teen, I read books like Many Lives, Many Masters and The Celestine Prophecy. The summer before I turned 19, I met my spiritual mentor and she introduced me to Reiki. We exchanged conversations throughout my 20’s while I contemplated things like the difference between judgment and discernment. I was attuned to Reiki while studying occupational therapy in university in 2003 and most recently, completed my level 2 Reiki training as well a program focused on fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Reiki has always been a part of my healing regime for navigating life’s ups and down— from overcoming fertility struggles, to preparing for birth and caring for my self and family. Click on the link below to book an appointment.
Whitney Smith
Yoga Teacher
I am a yogi, counsellor and photographer, living in Toronto with a background in developmental counselling and feminist studies. I’m a wanderlust spirit and I’m certain my heart belongs to the ocean. I’ve spent many months traveling throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa where I have expanded my practice of yoga; and deepened my passion and love for photography. Over the years of practicing yoga, I have discovered that yoga is what keeps my body strong, my mind clear and my heart open. It has taught me to be present, to allow each moment to be as it is, and to accept myself as I am. It reminds me to embrace all of the emotions of life, to allow them to move through me, and to be grateful for the simple fact that I’m alive. If given the opportunity as your yoga instructor I hope to share these learnings and teachings with you.
Marah Smith
Founder and Director of Sankalpa Yoga Teacher Training
Marah Smith is a certified yoga instructor and the Founder and Director of Sankalpa Yoga Teacher Training, hosted by Chi Junky Studio. Her passion for training teachers began when she led five YTTs in downtown Toronto over three years. She realized while leading these trainings that the program just didn't give students "enough", and wouldn't it be fabulous to have some guidance from nutritional and lifestyle experts, while earning a 200 hour certificate. Alas, Sankalpa was born. When you meet Marah, you'll notice she has "sankalpa" emblazoned on her right arm. "Sankalpa" means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will. Her sankalpa is to continually strive to give trainees the best and most unique training experience possible. Marah is also a corporate lawyer by day and proud momma to her cat, Prana and her puppy, Mango. In her spare time, you'll find her at Soulcycle or planning her next yoga retreat vacay.
Erica Connolly
Yoga Teacher
After having spent almost a decade in the corporate world, Erica decided to pursue her passion of Yoga with the goal of sharing the life-transforming benefits she experienced through her personal practice. Her Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Yoga with The Wise Living Yoga Academy, an affiliate of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India – the world’s oldest organized Yoga Institution, centred her life on the path of Yoga, not just as a physical practice, but as a holistic lifestyle. Erica will meet you wherever you are on your Yoga journey and help you to find the strength mentally and physically that you need to progress. Her classes focus on proper alignment, connecting breath to postures (asanas), while building strength and openness. Classes are infused with essential oils and will keep you feeling grateful for your journey through Yoga.
Sandy Huen
Yoga Teacher
Adventure, compassion and determination are the three pillars of Sandy's yoga philosophy. Sandy's classes are a blend of precise alignment cues and adjustments with a down-to-earth humour and humility that make for an empowering vinyasa experience. She considers each class an opportunity to rediscover our innate capability for joy, and to inspire all yogis to live their fullest lives. Sandy discovered yoga after coming off a surfing injury while living abroad. Advised by a fellow surfer to take up yoga, she found that yoga provided a method of connecting to our world that was kind, genuine and loving. She has been living, breathing, moving and healing with yoga each day since. Inspired constantly by her fellow yogis, Sandy is currently working towards her 500 hour advanced certification with Tiffany Cruikshank under the Yoga Medicine curriculum.
Tara Post
Yoga Teacher
New Yorker turned Torontonian, Tara Post discovered yoga in her younger and wilder years to counteract some of the craziness and create balance in her life. Her first class was at a local gym and she admittedly giggled during her first OM. From that point on, yoga quickly moved from a fun addition to her workout routine to an essential part of daily life. Over time, her love of yoga transcended the physical practice and she developed a much deeper connection with the mental and emotional benefits. Yoga has created a sense of calm in Tara’s life and an escape from a demanding career with frequent travel (her yogi breathing works wonders in airport security lines!). Tara’s classes are fun and free spirited. She is an old school soul so expect a lot of throwback hip-hop and R&B jams. Tara received her RYT 200 yoga certification from Sankalpa Yoga Teachers in 2017. She loves the sense of community that yoga has created for her in Toronto and aims to create that feeling of unity in her classes.
Danielle Eve
Yoga Teacher
Danielle has been practicing yoga and mediation for the last 7 years. She is well versed in human anatomy, pose modification, and has weathered several injuries over the years, so can help you avoid or modify to support your body. Trained with Sankalpa in 2017, Danielle is an inspiring teacher with a balanced eclectic classroom, both in style and music. You will love her classes if you like hands-on assists, a warm melodic voice, and the occasional quote. She has a penchant for the magical and is always ready to share a laugh or dive into a deep meaningful conversation. "Do something that makes you feel alive, because what the world needs most is people who are alive."
Blessyl Buan
Dr. Blessyl Buan is a chiropractor, pilates instructor and a dancer. Her desire to design a practice that combined art and healing started as a child. The first 14 years of her dance training in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop took place in studios without a mirror. What seemed for many years as a disadvantage actually nurtured a heightened body awareness that would fuel her passion in learning about the body and how to improve performance. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and her Honours Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University. She continues to upgrade her skill set adding certifications in Kinesio Tape (KT1, KT2 Whole Body), Active Release techniques (A.R.T.®), Sports First Responder, CPR © (AED, HCP), Stott® Pilates (Matwork) and Fletcher® Pilates (Floorwork ® , Barrework ® , Towelwork® ). Ultimately, her passion is to teach and this is reflected with the time she dedicates with her patients. She has guest taught at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, York University’s Faculty of Dance and the Pre-professional Training Program at City Dance Corps in Toronto. She is an alumni faculty of Equity Showcase theatre and presented at the Healthy Dancer Canada conference in Vancouver (2012) and PAMA (2013) and CDA conference (2015). She is a regular columnist on dance conditioning and health for The Dance Current and was a member of the Board of Directors for HDC 2013-2014. In 2013 she was a regular health expert on CTV’s television show, The Social. Dr. Blessyl Buan is at Chi Junky every Tuesday 10-3pm and Thursday 4-7pm, complimentary 15-minute consultation. Click on the link below to book an appointment.
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Jennifer Polansky
Yoga Teacher
Certified Nutritional Practitioner, reiki healer and yoga teacher, back in my home-town after studying and working in New York for 4 years. I have a specific passion and focus on restorative yoga stemming from my own journey toward health and balance. After seeing first hand the magic of pausing and tuning into the body, it sparked a desire to create the same opportunity for others. My classes are a safe space to let go of outside influences and tap into the heart center, our treasure chest of innate and infinite wisdom. As we physically allow our bodies to let go and release tension, layers of emotional tension fall away as well. This supports us to show up in the world clearer, more grounded, healthier and efficient in all aspects of our lives.