Sankalpa Yoga Teacher Training

Fall/Winter YTT Start Date October 24th,2017

Chi Junky is home to Sankalpa Yoga Teacher Training, Canada’s first-ever 200 hour yoga teacher training with personalized wellness program.

Sankalpa Teacher Training is registered with the Yoga Alliance AND the Canadian Yoga Alliance! Check us out on both of their websites. We are so happy to be a member of the North American yoga communities.

The Deets

Intention is everything. “Sankalpa” (संकल्प) means a conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will.

The Sankalpa Institute is dedicated to cultivating a space where students can grow, explore and deepen their yoga practice in a “boutique-style” yoga teacher training program – hands-on attention, geared towards individuals who are interested in spending their precious free time with like-minded individuals who prioritize optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Our goal is to provide the support and knowledge needed to become a confident and effective yoga instructor. This course will offer a consistent approach that is conducive to depth, rather than a survey of different approaches. You can also take this journey if you want to deepen your own personal yoga knowledge and practice. You can also also take this journey if you want to make some new lifelong friends and be part of a kick-ass community. Who doesn’t want that?!

In addition to successfully completing your 200 hour YTT training, your experience will be blended with a comprehensive, personalized wellness program, and bi-weekly check-ins with a certified holistic nutritionist.

How you’ll get certified

The Toronto Sankalpa training course will adequately prepare trainees to teach a general adult population and incorporates training hours in these fundamentals: yoga technique, teaching methodology, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology.

The curriculum fulfills all the components of the Yoga Alliance and the Canadian Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training standards.  That means you will receive a certification that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance that will allow you to teach anywhere in the world – yoga studios, gyms, private classes, condo buildings, corporations, you name it.

Two styles of yoga will be taught; Hatha Yoga and Power Vinyasa.

Course breakdown: 
•Teaching Technique
•Teaching Methodology
•Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle
•Practicum (trainee leading classes and class assists)
•Electives –  students can choose from a variety of subjects such as Ayurveda, Yoga Business Management, Detoxification or Pre Natal Yoga.

The goal and objective of the course is to provide sound knowledge of yoga as well as provide the student with fundamental physical yoga skills. This will enable future instructors to teach and conduct classes in the yoga industry with confidence and ease.

As well as teaching yoga fundamentals, the course will provide a broad overview of yoga in general, giving the student the competence and versatility required to be a contemporary yoga teacher.


Make a real investment in YOU for 2017/2018.
*Please note that you can write off your training on your income taxes.

Tuition of $4,550 + HST includes:

  • 200 hour Canadian Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher certificate course
  • UNLIMITED YOGA CLASSES at a beautiful and modern, community-oriented downtown Toronto yoga studio –
  • Personalized wellness program, check-ins with our holistic nutritionist, a nutrition program designed for each trainee to suit your personal needs and goals and all-access to an experienced and friendly faculty
  • Ayurvedic assessment with our CAISHED-trained ayurveda specialist
  • All required course materials and text books
  • All elective workshops during the duration of the course, including a mala-making workshop, pre-natal yoga at Toronto Yoga Mamas Yoga Studio, Yoga for Detoxification, Meditation and Spiritual Practices, and more!
  • Flexible payment plans available as well as scholarship program.

Need more details? Visit  or e-mail us directly at and we’ll get all your burning questions answered. Remeber… you don’t need to be an experienced yogi to take this journey with us.