Quick Tips on How to Make Your Cocktails Healthier!

With the start of the holiday festivities comes the indulgences, including COCKTAILS!  It seems to be next to impossible to completely avoid those yummy, sugary calorie rich cocktail creations but there are a few quick tricks you can think about and use when creating your own cocktails!


Chi Junky Sake Smash

Juice 1/2 cucumber with juicer

1-2 ounces of cold filtered sake

1/2 ounce of fresh lemon juice

1/2 ounce of honey syrup (honey with hot water)

Pour into cocktail shaker with ice, shake vigorously, strain, serve in chilled martini glass, garnish with sprig of mint and cucumber slice. ENJOY!


When choosing an alcohol, be sure to go for lighter colored varieties (gin, vodka) because darker alcohols contain a higher amount of congeners which are toxic compounds that are created during fermentation and will make hangovers worse….no one needs that.
Pick club soda over sugary soda – this way you will cut calories that normally come with soft drinks like a cola, and since a lot of alcohols contain enough sugar as is, you want to do your best to limit those unnecessary calories where possible.
Use fresh fruit/vegetable juice or coconut water; this helps keep your cocktail ingredients more natural as well as providing a taste of sweetness without all the added sugars. Try juicing cucumber and using that as a refreshing base.
Use only fresh ingredients – Muddling (A muddler is a bartending tool that crushes the ingredients to enhance the flavors) herbs, vegetables, fruit to your drink – this doesn’t only go for mojitos, you can add fresh ingredients to any cocktail, which will increase your cocktail’s flavor.
Avoid simple syrup and artificial sugars-  Swap white sugar syrup (simple syrup) with maple syrup, honey syrup or use sucanat sugar (to make a simple syrup just add hot water to the sugar choice)

DRINK IN MODERATION- and always drink a glass of water after each cocktail.

Be safe and responsible this holiday season.

with love,