PILATES comes to Chi Junky!

Chi Junky is excited to get addicted to PILATES with Genevieve Pardoe!

Genevieve Pardoe, MA, CN (Culinary Nutritionist), RYT, Certified Mat Pilates Instructor, Certified Pre/Post Natal Yoga Instructor.

Genevieve pulls together a breadth of disciplines to create tailor-made solutions for her broad range of clients including injury-recovery patients, pre/post-natal, and competitive athletes.
Some of her clients can be found at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Physio Plus Health Group (physiotherapy), and the Canadian Armed Forces. Genevieve is also a Lole Brand Ambassador and when not working with clients, she can be found in Los Angeles falling off her Stand-Up Paddle Board!

Gen will be teaching the following classes this fall…Get Addicted!

Mat Pilates / Long & Lean
This all-level class offers a mixture of static postures from the Mat Pilates series and fluid strength-building poses from Hatha yoga. It is designed for those looking to create long & lean legs, a slim & stable core, and gracefully balanced postural alignment. Several modifications are offered for every posture; all levels welcome including injury-recovery and post-natal.

Wednesday 9-10am

Fusion Flow
This flow class contains specially curated poses sequenced in a way that gently elevate heart rate, deepen flexibility, and create lithe, long bodies that stand tall. Focus is on core, belly, glutes, inner thighs, shoulders and hips. All levels welcome to this energetic flow series that will leave you feeling “rockstar calm”.

Thursday 6:00-7:00pm

Got Kids?!  Please let us know if you are interested.

Pre-natal Fusion Flow
Moms-to-be must not only prepare physically for the marathon of labour but emotionally and mentally for all that lies ahead. It’s an exciting and often anxious time. Join pre/post-natal expert Genevieve as she guides moms though a series of strength-building postures that link movement with breath, cultivate a sense of empowered calm, and enhance core & pelvic floor integrity.

Mom & Baby Fusion
You’re a mom! Now what? Balancing the myriad of new duties and discoveries of motherhood can be overwhelming. Join fellow moms and babies while pre/post-natal expert Genevieve guides a hybrid stretch and strength flow class that rebuilds core strength, pelvic floor integrity, and decreases discomfort from common issues such as nursing neck, shoulder tension, an hip / low-back tightness.

To inquire or sign-up to all classes please e-mail getaddicted@chijunky.com or call 416.466.7447

All Pilates classes are $150+HST for 6 class package

Private sessions are available for $90/hour