Maple What?…MAPLE WATER!

Yep, maple flavoured water.

I think the time is coming for coconut water to relax, sit back, and let Canadian Maple Water have the spotlight now.. and rightfully so!

Maple water is a nutrient packed drink that comes from sugar maple trees, and it is slowly becoming a new nutrition trend in North America.


5 reasons why Maple Water is making its mark in the health world

1. It’s the perfect post-workout drink. Maple water is a great hydrator, it naturally contains electrolytes that help replenish nutrients in your body after a workout.

2. It fights wrinkles! By containing lots of plant nutrients, this water helps improve skin elasticity and can help ward off unwanted wrinkles.

3. Boosts your immunity. With its combination of electrolytes, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients and antioxidant properties, this powerful combo helps to boost your immunity — so next time you’re feeling run down or entering a busy, stressful period, try reaching for some maple water!

4. It’s good for kids.
 Maple water has about 1/5 the amount of sugar as the average juice box. Plus these are all natural sugars versus artificially added or processed sugars.  Brands such as SEVA maple water is NAPSI certified meaning it is organic and natural so there are no added ingredients making it a safe and healthy choice for kids.

5. You can bake with it.
 The maple taste of the water makes it a good, healthy, tasty ingredient in baked goods! Try something new!