JOGA…Does the Body Good!

Why Chi Junky LOVES JOGA!

Rachelle Wintzen teaching JOGA to Toronto Argonauts.

Chi Junky is designed to help all bodies from all walks of life, which is just what JOGA does. Built on the foundation of yoga, JOGA allows you to work carefully and intelligently using proper postural anatomical cues to work in correct alignment. Proper guidance of movement in the kinetic chain (moving from feet to head) helps to prevent injury and working past your range of motion. JOGA also serves several other uses such as: pre-workout warm up, stretching, relaxation, pre-hab or rehab for injuries, and even as a complete functional workout!

Not only is this program an incredible way to get your body to move, breath and sweat it is also a great form of detox! By the end of a full JOGA class you will have stimulated all systems of the body working them to their optimal peak so they function at the highest level. With emphasis on breath and movement, the circulatory and respiratory systems work to flush out toxins and lactic acid build up from the cells, tissues and muscles, creating deep detoxifying sweat. Through specific postures the digestive system is stimulated to detox the internal organs, increasing digestion function for better absorption of nutrients.

The three main focuses of the program are all linked together:  breathing, physical postures, and relaxation. By coordinating the breath with mobility creates more power and drive behind your movements! Relaxation techniques throughout the program help you to move in your full range of motion and stretch deeper. The program teaches you more focus and overcoming holding on to unnecessary tension in the body in sport and life.

JOGA helps maximize lung capacity to help keep your body clean by expelling toxins through breath. It also will deepen your connection with your nervous system, keeping you relaxed while you move through intense stretches or a series of challenging postures. The breath work is also a great tool for relaxation when under high stress, trouble sleeping or anxiety.

The postures performed in JOGA will help develop power, flexibility, balance and core strength! That’s not all though, your body will also become more symmetrical and balanced decreasing chance of injury. The program is designed to showcase personal strengths and weaknesses. With benchmark postures JOGA allows you to see your progression and move to the next level!

Not only do we love it so does the NHL & Toronto Argonauts!

Many NHL players have started to use JOGA to help with injury prevention, relaxation techniques and increasing their flexibility for greater performance on the ice. Through JOGA athletes learn to become more aware of their bodies mentally and physically giving them the tools to help their bodies sustain a longer career life.

The Toronto Argonauts have been swearing by JOGA since it made its mark in the pro athlete world. Incorporating the program into their training to help them through their season.

The pros have realized the benefits now its your turn. You will leave this class with more mental clarity, relaxed, physically stronger and more flexible. No other athletic yoga has pushed us, challenged us and stimulated us mentally and physically like the JOGA program.


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Monday 1:00-2:00pm

Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

8 class package $200+HST

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