Food Therapy

I healed myself and my addictions to the wrong things with food. I started one step at a time and now couldn’t imagine going back to my old patterns and food choices. What seemed impossible at the time now is a permanent lifestyle and the results couldn’t be better. I have experienced everything from a stronger immune system to feeling full of energy just by the foods I eat alone. Give your body this gift too and treat yourself to some food therapy.

Holistic Nutrition

Work with a well-qualified holistic nutritionist to support your health and wellness goals. With careful guidance and a full understanding of your lifestyle and needs they will provide the best nutrition plan that is simple and easy to incorporate into your life. Changing what you put into your body is the first step to feeling amazing and fueling your chi.

If you do anything at all for your body it should be with food first and foremost. From digestive issues to more chronic conditions, the art of food therapy will help you find relief from your symptoms. Forget what you know about the Standard American Diet (The S.A.D. Diet). Let us show you how food can be your medicine.

Chi Junky is here to break the mould and teach you how to eat foods that prolong your life and help you achieve vitality.

When we eat processed foods and improperly combined meals, we are causing the body to deteriorate over time. This traditional way of eating can leave you feeling tired after meals, constipated and overweight, leading to eventual onset of disease and accelerated aging.

Clean and natural foods allow you to slow the aging process, boost your immune system, sleep better, achieve ideal weight, have glowing skin and incredible energy to say the least!

Learn how to eat so that you’ll never feel deprived, hungry, or have to count calories again!

Initial Intake: 75 min $175

60 min $125

45 min $90

30 min $65

Meal Planning

Preparing healthy, delicious meals to help achieve your wellness goals seems like no easy feat. It requires know-how, organization and time. Let us create a detailed menu plan that suits your lifestyle. We’ll provide recipes and a shopping plan that’s easy to follow. Clean eating can be easy and accessible – let us show you how.
30 min $65

Supermarket Junky

Modern marketing can make even the worst food products look healthy. During a two-hour shop-a-long at your local grocery store, we’ll show you how to read labels, decipher the truth behind the pretty packaging and choose what you need to nourish yourself.
120 min $250

Kitchen Cleanse

Let us help you throw out temptation!

Cleansing starts by cleaning your kitchen. We’ll help you rid your pantry of even the most hidden preservatives and toxic food.

Learn what can stay and what must go! Once you have a clean kitchen staying on track, clear of the wrong foods and addictive preservatives is no longer a challenge, but a natural part of your every day life.

By keeping only clean foods in the kitchen the less likely you will find yourself indulging in bad food choices but good food choices! Let us help you take the guilty eating away!
120 min $250

Custom Detox Program

With so many detox and cleanse programs available today it can be overwhelming to know which will work for you. Detoxing is tough enough so leave it the experts to understand your biochemical needs to create the most effective and safest detox experience possible. You won’t have to feel overwhelmed or concerned because we will guide you through this personalized process step by step.
75min $175
30 min $65 (Follow up)