Featured Nutritionist: Laura Benson on Detoxing for Fall!

The Fall Season is a great time for a Detox…..

It goes without question that the summer season is a favourite time of year for all of us, the sun shines warm rays, the days are long and routine tends to cease to exist; it can also be a time when we choose to bend the rules and allow ourselves to indulge in certain summer rituals; excessive BBQ parties, late nights, and frozen cocktails are some of the classic joys of summer time.

As these lazy days of summer come to an end, the beautiful crisp fresh days of fall begin- the change of season provides us with a wonderful opportunity to rebalance and cleanse our bodies from some of the indulgences we may have experienced throughout the summer and help ground us back into our routines.

Why Detox in the Fall?

Our body innately knows the change of season is upon us through the fall equinox and naturally begins a process of detoxification to re-establish balance and eliminate accumulated toxins so that we can enter into the new season with a stronger immune system. With that in mind, the fall season makes for an ideal time to complete a cleanse or detox program with the purpose of assisting the body with it’s natural detoxification process of cleansing, rebalancing and strengthening.

Which Program to Choose?

Which detox is the best?? There are a number of different detox kits and programs available which can make things very confusing. My suggestion is find something that works for your body and your routine, consulting with a holistic nutritionist can help. Holistic nutritionists have thorough understanding and knowledge of how particular herbal formulas and nutrients can be used safely and effectively to cleanse and detox which work with the body’s natural functions. Keep in mind that most effective detox requires a minimum of 3 weeks in order to remove the majority of toxic buildup and re-establish balance within the body.

My Favourite Fall Detox Helpers for the liver (our main detoxification organ):


  • Roasted Dandelion Tea-improves liver function by increasing the production of bile which helps to eliminate accumulated toxins. Enjoy a cup of dandelion tea anytime during the day, it makes a great coffee substitute without the jitters.
  • Beets and Beet Juice– a natural blood purifier-they help to change harmful toxins into “non-harmful” toxins which helps to make them easier for the body to eliminate. Drinking beet juice is one of the most effective and potent ways to obtain these beneficial cleansing properties.
  • Milk Thistle Supplements– helps to protect the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and assisting with the removal of toxins from the liver.

The benefits of annual detoxing are well documented and have been practiced by ancient cultures for thousands of years. The process of removing excessive toxins enhances the function of organ systems with the goal of reestablishing balance so that optimal health and vitality is achieved. Always consult your doctor, Naturopath, or holistic nutritionist if you have questions or concerns about completing a detoxification.

Laura Benson B.Sc. C.N.P is a Toronto based holistic nutritionist who believes in using food as medicine and that true healing lies in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.