CTV’s The Social & Chi Junky Do….Partner Yoga!

The word “yoga” means union in Sanskrit and partner yoga does exactly that! It creates a uniting of two people.  It is a great way to experience yoga in a whole new way, as it is a much more vigorous practice because it works to challenge balance, strength and stability more than ones own individual practice.

By working with a partner it deepens the physical and emotional connection you hold between your partner. It takes a lot of trust within one another to create postures together and is a great communication builder, both verbal and non-verbal.

This is a fun way to get your exercise in while enhancing a relationship with any of your loved ones! Yoga is meant to increase our personal fitness as well as improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but partner yoga benefits expand way beyond traditional advantages. Regardless of the outcome of the posture, it will at least guarantee a fun time!


Watch the segment on The Social & then grab a loved one and try for yourself!

The BASE represents the partner who has the most points of contact with the ground and requires lots of strength.

The FLYER is elevated off the ground by the base, which requires lots of confidence, balance and core strength.

Child’s and Reclined Hero Pose

Child pose hero


Base and flyer kneel back to back. The base’s feet are inside the flyers. Base and flyer make contact with their upper backs, the base slowly lowers flyer down – chest first, coming into child’s pose with arms by their side. The flyer can reach their arms up over head or onto flyer’s ankles coming into reclined hero.


Child’s pose– releases tension in back, shoulders, chest, aids digestion

Reclined hero- heart/chest opener, lengthens/stretches quads and belly

Double Downward Dog

Double down dog

Base will come into downward dog, flyer then places their hands 8-12 inches in front of bases hands and steps one foot at a time onto bases lower back on the muscular area,  avoiding bases spine.


Stretches hamstrings, lower back, opens shoulders

Strengthens and tones arms, shoulders, and core

Stimulates circulation

Partner Boat Pose (Navasana)

double boat

Base and flyer sit in front of each other with your knees bent and your hands turned out behind you to open the chest and help to sit tall.  Bring the soles of the feet to touch and slowly extend the legs together. Option to hold one or both hands.


Strengthens your core, hip flexors, and spine

Increases hamstring flexibility and chest opener

Stimulates kidneys, thyroid, and intestines

Improves digestion and relieves stress


Shoulder Stand on Bridge Pose

bridge shoulder stand

Base – coming into bridge pose – lie on your mat, and bend knees placing feet on the ground close enough to you so you can touch your heels. The flyer will come to sit on top of bases feet and keeping knees bent will come to lay on your back. You can use your bases ankles to draw you in closer. Flyer, place feet on top of bases knees. Flyer and base hold hands alongside body. Flyer will slowly start to lift the hips and tuck the shoulders underneath them, opening the chest.  Base will then lift their hips. To come out, one at a time lower back down and roll to right side.


Base: opens chest, lengthens neck and spine

Strengthens back, glutes, hamstrings

Improves blood circulation and increases digestion

Flyer: Strengthens legs and glutes

Stretches shoulders, neck

Improves digestion and increases circulation



Base lies down on the ground with legs at a 90 degree angle, feet flexed. Flyer will place bases feet by their hip bones, option one hold hands, option two hold forearms. The base will bend their knees lowering the flyer to establish balance and connection. The base will then slowly straighten their legs. Base and flyer straighten both arms, flyer keeps legs firmly together and opens chest.


Base: Strengthens core, quads, hamstrings, tones arms

Flyer: chest opener, strengthens back, glutes and core

Double Plank

double plank

Base will come into plank, making sure shoulders are over wrists, legs straight and core engaged. Flyer will place both hands securely on the ankles of base and step one foot/shin at a time onto the bases shoulders.


Strengthens entire body – core, arms, shoulders, back, glutes, calves, thighs

Reduces back pain in long run – from strengthening core