Coffee, You’ve Met Your Matcha!

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee to start their day off right? Coffee is a morning ritual and lifeline among so many people but what if I told you there was an equally energy boosting morning drink that not only tasted great but is actually beneficial to your body?

Say goodbye to coffee, a highly addictive and acidic beverage. I reluctantly gave up coffee a few months ago to save my overworked adrenal glands and made the switch to matcha.

Was giving up coffee easy? NO! Full disclosure it was hell the first two months and then it was the best thing EVER! Trust me! No more $5 expensive almond milk lattes and early morning coffee shop pit stops. Short term pain for long term gain, I ended up having more energy, better sleep and feeling way more hydrated as a result of giving up this liquid pick me up. I have been coffee free four months now and loving it.

So welcome my new best friend, matcha, which is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.

Five reasons why you should trade in your cup of coffee for a matcha!

  1. Matcha doesn’t jolt the body into energy, leading to a crash the way coffee does. Coffee causes spikes in adrenaline, glucose and insulin levels which is why you might tend to feel jittery or anxious. Matcha creates a more tame, slow alertness to the system since there is less caffeine which means there will be no negative spikes or crashes.
  2. Rather than stain your teeth yellow, matcha is actually beneficial for your teeth! It helps get rid of the bacteria that causes plaque which in turn, will lead to nicer smelling breath…say goodbye to coffee breath and welcome a prettier smile!
  3. Matcha is good for your skin – it can help clear up acne due to its antibacterial properties and can give your skin a healthy natural glow.
  4. The caffeine in matcha is alkalinizing to the body, rather than that in coffee which is acidic to the body. The more acidic the body the more susceptible to disease and premature aging.
  5. Matcha has been known to boost your metabolism by as much as 40%, while helping to regulate blood sugar levels, plus its an amazing antioxidant!

Cheers to a better morning!