Chi Junky Hosts Shareen Woodford’s 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Program!

Chi Junky is thrilled to have Shareen Woodford as the lead teacher for an upcoming Yoga Teacher Training program held at the Chi Junky studio this coming January 2015. Shareen has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and has directed and taught four Yoga Teacher Training programs over the past couple of years. She teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, and Yin Yoga throughout Toronto. She is also a certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and competitive swim coach.

Shareen was introduced to yoga in 1998 and since then it has been a transformative and informative force in her life. With honours degrees in philosophy and psychology from the University of Toronto, and great interest in ethics, environment, religion, wellness and Sanskrit, she offers to her yoga students much more than a physical challenge. Shareen recognizes that yoga practice involves much more than asana (physical poses) and passionately encourages students to explore and embrace the other 7 limbs of yoga in their practice and in their lives.

Coming from a background of dance training and competitive swimming, her style of teaching is a balanced fusion of creative sequencing, enjoyment of movement, anatomical correctness and athletic precision. Having learned the hard way, she recognizes that each person has their own timeline and path down the road of yoga, and therefore patience, humility, safety and the guidance of an experienced and conscientious teacher are of foremost importance. Shareen has studied with some of the world’s greatest yoga teachers and mentors, including Sharath Jois (bearer of the Ashtanga lineage) on multiple trips to Mysore, India, as well as studying with Kino Macgregor, Mark Darby, Tim Miller, Chuck Miller, Caroline Klebl, Danny Paradise, Laruga Glaser and more. She thrives on learning from and listening to those with great wisdom and experience.

The training schedule for the Yoga Teacher Training starting on January 10, 2015 is Saturday and Sunday 2:00-8:30 approximately every other weekend (with some exceptions). The 200 hours are composed of group time, self-study and homework, yoga practice, meditation hours, practice teaching and more. The group will be limited to maximum 8 students for maximum one-on-one time and to develop an optimum student-teacher relationship.

The program consists of first developing your own personal daily yoga practice and learning the Ashtanga Primary Series in detail. Other important elements of the course are learning proper alignment of each posture, mindful assisting and hands-on adjustment techniques, anatomy (physical and subtle), philosophy and history, Sanskrit and chanting, practice teaching, meditation, and pranayama.

After completing the program you will have a thorough knowledge of yourself and your own body, a very informed and conscientious personal yoga practice, the ability to safely and meaningfully teach yoga classes to others (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga), and an official yoga teacher certificate.


$4000 early bird price per student if registered by November 15, 2014!

$4250 regular price thereafter.

While you will receive a course manual and other tools, you will need to acquire various required and recommended books as well.

During this program participants will receive unlimited free yoga classes at Chi Junky, as well as special classes taught by Shareen and Rachelle exclusive to the YTT.

Please speak to Shareen or Rachelle in person, via phone or email to find out more about whether this program is a good for you, and to apply for the YTT course.

Starts January 10, 2015.

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