Bonus: Exposing Killer Ingredients in Your Food!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that brown products are healthier than white products! Often, they’re just coloured and flavoured differently.

Bread products like dark colored pumpernickel often contain CARAMEL.

Derived from many common allergens, including dairy, wheat and corn. Produced by heating corn(dextrose), barley (malt syrup), cane (molasses),wheat (starch hydrolysates), and most importantly,dairy (lactose). The ammonia used as a caramelization agent in varied amounts depending on the manufacturer is a nerve toxin.

It causes convulsions, a reduction of white blood cells and a decrease in the weight of the spleen and thymus in test animals. Trying to eat healthy learn to read the ingredients!!! Pay NO attention to the label or marketing!

Just because it says “all-natural, gluten-free, healthy, low-fat”, etc. does NOT mean it is good for you!

You’ve been warned Junkys! Read the fine print and don’t let it get you down!