We use ONLY NON-TOXIC organic natural oils that are created exclusively for Chi Junky. You spend all this money and time on taking care of yourself and detoxing so why get a massage where they use a toxic oil that will seep right into your skin and blood stream. Counterproductive! We have taken the time to think it all through so you can experience the best naturally.

Massage Therapy

We have taken all aspects into consideration, whether you are coming in on your lunch break for a quick massage to de-stress, or need to relax after a long day, we have you covered. Our massage therapists are so much more than typical, they are well trained in a variety of techniques to take your massage to the next level. They listen to your concerns and work to make you leave feeling like you got exactly what you needed. If you have a specific issue that needs attention let them use their bag of tricks to really get the most out of your time. They can help find relief in everything from tight shoulders to stress to computeritis.
60 min $130
90 min $160

Chi Junky Signature Massage

Nowhere else in the city will you find a massage quite like this. A relaxing and de-stressing massage to release even the tightest of knots targeted to your specific trigger areas where you carry stress in your body. This massage is fantastic to stimulate energy flow naturally through your body. Increase circulation and flush out the lymphatic system. This massage will help you feel calmer, gain mental clarity, relieve tired and achy muscles all while detoxing! If only everything could feel this good. This massage was developed for those that just need to stimulate their energy and leave feeling refreshed. Great daytime massage especially for those heading back to work or in the midst of a busy day.

Option for a dry oil or argan oil so that you can go straight back to your day and save time. All oils are natural & non-toxic.

From Rachelle: I personally combined my favorite things into this amazing massage. I can’t wait for you to improve your chi with this signature massage using only organic oils and with the perfect touch from my favorite masseuse.


Ideal for deep relaxation, this ancient massage therapy combines nurturing, healing touch and natural essential oils of your choice. Using light to medium pressure and long, gliding strokes, this massage reduces tension, soothes sore muscles and increases circulation. This is a fantastic massage for stress release, hormone imbalances, rebalancing the nervous system and your adrenals glands. This will also help support thyroid through calming the adrenals and nervous system. Key for healing mentally and physically.

Every essential oil has a healing benefit, speak with your massage therapist about what you are looking to heal and they can recommend the appropriate oil. Also a great massage if you are run down, have sinus congestion and during any time of detox.

Deep Tissue

We already know it feels good but why is this massage so great for your body? Using a special blend of relaxing essential oils, this massage uses forearm and elbow pressure combined with gentle stretching to release muscle tension. This massage is great to reduce chronic pain, improve blood pressure, increase serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel happy), break up scar tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, increase flexibility and great to help for any rehabilitation for injured muscles and of course stress relief!

Custom massage – you tell us what you need.

As Chi Junky prides itself on creating everything customized to your needs and goals I have hand picked the best of the best massage therapists to be able to listen to your needs and provide a personalized massage. It is all about communication and we are here to listen and provide you the best service for whatever your ailments are.

Thai Yoga Massage

My personal favorite, an incredible treatment to give to your body. With the guidance of a Thai Yoga Masseuse this unique massage happens on the floor on Thai yoga mats in your most comfortable clothes. You can relax knowing that you are literally in good hands. Experience breath, relaxation and stretching to a whole new level. This massage will help to flush out toxins and get your chi moving! Promotes amazing anti-aging benefits and works to increase your immune system. Help to heighten your body awareness while enjoying a fabulous way to relax, comfort your tired body and clear your mind so you leave completely rejuvenated. No oils are used during this massage.

From Rachelle: Being an avid yogi I love Thai Yoga massage, it is so unique and does wonders for the body. It is definitely on of my personal favorites when I need to take care of myself.
90 min $140


Argan Oil: $25
Choose to have the benefits of an argan oil massage infused with lavender for relaxation. This oil is lightweight that is perfect for a mid day massage as it is beneficial to keep the oil on! It acts as a healing moisturizer for skin, nails and hair, including the face! Helps to give relief from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and anti-aging prevention! Not only do you get the amazing benefits of massage but save time and treat your skin too!

Dry massage oil: $25
Perfect for the daytime massage. So that you can slip your clothes on and run out the door to finish your day a little more rejuvenated. No need to leave feeling greasy or uncomfortable this oil moisturizes and penetrates the skin leaving you hydrated and non-greasy! Of course we have sourced the best clean organic oils so you can rest assure what’s going into your body will give you maximum benefits.